Make your home smart, simply with PIXIE


Your PIXIE products are designed in Australia for Australian conditions too.


Need help? Just call the local 1800 Tech Support lines.


You are free to choose the wallplate you love and click, clack snap PIXIE right in.


We've trained thousands of electricians so you can trust PIXIE to work right.

PIXIE PLUS Smart Home - Smart home system Australia


PIXIE is created to fit into your home’s decor and simple wiring saves you time and money.

Built to work perfectly with Australian wiring practices, PIXIE is compatible with the widest range of wall plates so you can simply swap your existing light switches for PIXIE smart ones.

Smart home system Australia - PIXIE PLUS - Australian


PIXIE uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to transform your home into a smart home without extra wiring.

Create schedules, timers, scenes and more to customise your smart home the way you want to live.

PIXIE PLUS Smart Home - Simple smart home system for Australian homes


You can get started with your PIXIE smart home by swapping over a single PIXIE smart dimmer in your favourite room.

When you want more control, simply add more devices to include every room, every light, appliance and blind, inside and out.

Wireless control that everyone can use.

PIXIE uses Bluetooth® Mesh so you can enjoy the simple convenience of a connected home. This Bluetooth® Mesh means all products ‘talk’ to each other without any extra wiring or Internet / Wi-Fi connection needed.

PIXIE is a complete suite of Bluetooth Mesh smart home products so you can control just about anything in your home – Lights, blinds, garage doors, gates, fans and appliances.

Designed in Australia. Supported in Australia.

PIXIE works with Bluetooth - Bluetooth Logo - Australian smart home system

Renovating or Building New

What’s the cost of not choosing smart today?


As energy prices continue to increase, you start reaping the energy savings benefits the moment PIXIE is installed, secure with the peace-of-mind that your home is prepared for a smarter future, today.


Don’t miss the smart opportunity to minimise costs whilst your walls and ceilings are open. The best time to install PIXIE is during a renovation or your new home build when your tradesmen and women are already on site.

Take Control of Rising Energy Costs

With PIXIE You Simply Swap for Smart Savings.

As Australian domestic energy costs are rising more than 20% in 2023, using PIXIE’s built-in capabilities like schedules, timers and sensor is the simplest way to start saving energy automatically, everyday, now and into the future.

Future Proof Your Home Now

A must-have to future proof your home investment.

What is quickly becoming a standard inclusion in Australian homes, installing a PIXIE Smart Home now means your property is future-ready whilst being accessible to enjoy an enhanced lifestyle every day.

Let PIXIE be Your Smart Home Guide

PIXIE PLUS Smart Home - Perfect for new homes

Ideal for New Homes

PIXIE needs no special wiring. Your electrician simply installs PIXIE devices into your preferred wall plate to make your home smart.

Simple smart home system Australia - Ideal for existing homes

Perfect for Existing Homes

Swap your existing switches to PIXIE Smart dimmers, switches and timers to transform your home into a smart home.

Control Everything in Your Home that Dims, Switches and Spins.

Smart home Comfort - PIXIE smart home system - Australian smart home



Dimming Lights

Set the mood throughout your home, inside and out.

Switch Appliances & Fans

Switch appliances, lighting, pool pumps, heaters, blinds and more.

Save Energy - Create Timers

Save energy by creating automatic timers on all apliances, lights and fans.
Convenience - Simple smart home system Australia - PIXIE



Schedule Everything

You choose how automated your home is to enhance your living.

Groups and Rooms

Simplify control by slicing your home into rooms for fine tuning.

Scene and Moods

Set your home to meet your mood with a single button press instantly.
Control - PIXIE PLUS Smart Home - Australian smart home system



Tap the Wall Plate

Nothing to learn. Its what you’re used to doing, just smarter.

Touch the Mobile Device

Full control of everything from anywhere with any device.

Talk to Your Home

Choose from 4 popular voice assistants which best suit you.

Hands free convenience.

Control your home with your voice.

PIXIE works with a range of voice assistants to enhance your lifestyle with simple set up and no fees ever.

You can voice control all PIXIE connected lights, blinds, fans, appliances and more with just a few simple voice commands.


Simple smart home system Australia - Voice control smart home - PIXIE
PIXIE-PLUS-app-control - Australian smart home system
Convenience at your finger tips with Apple and Android App control.

A Touch of Smart for Your Home

Elevate your smart home experience with the PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel – a premium, optional addition to PIXIE.

The PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel delivers the modern convenience of a central control hub for PIXIE Smart Home systems.

This comes with a full colour, fully operational 5.5inch touch screen display, delivers clarity and brilliance in any light, with built-in power saving and screen saving facilities to fade into the background when not in use.