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Backyard Cabana

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Smart Backyard Cabana Ideas with PIXIE

Backyard Cabanas are all the rage today in Australia and with good reason. Resort style living at home deserves the creature comforts a PIXIE smart home delivers.

Elevate the intelligence of your Aussie home effortlessly with PIXIE. Seamlessly customise each room, effortlessly integrating into almost any wall plate design, and enhance the overall lifestyle enjoyment.


Modern creature comforts to make life more liveable, everyday.


Once you've lived with them, you'll never live without them again.


Your home is always ready for your arrival and departure, automatically.


Peace of mind with confirmation from your smart home system.


Maximise energy savings, minimise un-needed costs throughout your home.


Picture these Backyard Cabana Smart Home Moments

  • With energy effecient DC ceiling fans, PIXIE provides 9 speed control so you can select exactly the right speed for the day and night. And if you have multiple ceiling fans in your backyard cabana, PIXIE keeps them in speed sync without any special wiring or electrical setup needed.
smart remote control |Backyard Cabana| home automation

Pool Cover Energy Saver

Automatic control of your pool cover from your backyard cabana is simple with PIXIE, even if the electrical cabling is installed elsewhere. PIXIE smart remote button makes remote operation simple to minimise evaporation and maximise heating energy.


Imagine Living in Your Future Smart Home

  • Automatic outdoor awnings and shading appliance are a must have to enhance your resort style living. With PIXIE blind controllers, your roller shades can follow the sun up or down and your awning can retract and extend at will or automatically according to the time of day and year. 
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Ultimate Resort Style Living Hack - Voice

Did you just fall asleep on the lounge with a gentle breeze but now your too cold?. No worries simply ask Google Home, Amazon Alexa or SIRI shortcuts to fine tune the environment for you without lifting a finger.

Smart home ideas | Backyard Cabana | home automation

Backyard Cabana Safety

PIXIE outdoor sensors are made to be installed in the weather and smart enough to operate different PIXIE connected devices on different days, at different times to keep your family safe.

Smart home ideasBackyard Cabana | home automation

Backyard Cabana Security

Keeping your cabana area well lit with schedules, even when you’re not home and can be a useful criminal deterent. This automatic mimicing of normal home occupancy is setup in a few moment with the PIXIE PLUS app.

Backyard Cabana

Backyard Cabana Savings

With the PIXIE Gateway installed, using Google home and Amazon Alexa to create sunset / sunrise schedules keeps your backyard cabana area well it when its needed, automatically adjusting everyday to follow the sun.

Ceiling Fans
Multifunction Controllers
Power Points
Blind Controller


With up to 9 speed fan control, light colour and intensity on light enabled models,from Australia’s best ceiling fan company, Hunter Pacific International. PIXIE delivers the simplest way to experience sophisticated whole-home control of your smart ceiling fans.

Bi-directional control (for summer and winter), scheduling, timing and even voice control of one or more or all ceiling fans in your home. And unique to PIXIE Multiway-Fan-Control - the ability to install multipe on-wall controllers wherever you want to control one or more fans from.

Remote Control Button

Unleash the power of your PIXIE Smart Home wherever you need it at home. These Multifunction marvels allow users to experience PIXIE function without a wall plate anywhere its needed.

Mimic mode ( 2-way,...8-way control), Group Mimic Control, Scene Control with Single Tap and Double Tap function are standard features.

PIXIE Gateway

The PIXIE GAteway is your foundation of a coonected home. PIXIE doesn't need the Gateway to operate but when you would like voice control and remote (out-of-home) control and monitoring, the gateway is essential.

Advanced programming features, mmore sophisticated scene functions, inetgrations with 3rd party systems like air conditioning and doorbell / intercom systems, distrubted audio systems (SONOS) and more are available with the Gateway installed.

Smart Double power points

Simply swap for smarts and make your dumb things smart. Schedules, power moniting, child-lock and individual control of each socket delivers a world of smart home options for outdoor living scenarios.

And with a range of four interchangeable stylish faceplates and tactile on/off buttons with LED indicators and, the super-special multipurpose button in the middle, the humble power point just got a lot smarter.

control blinds, awnings, curtains, skylights, windows and more

The PIXIE Blind, curtain and awning controller works with the widest range of motorised shading appliances available in Australia today, with full OPEN STOP CLOSE functionality.

Suitable for 3 wire and 4 wire systems, smart schedules and on wall control. Add the PIXIE gateway for full voice control of every blind, curtain, awning and skylight.

Smart Outdoor Motion Sensor

The outdoor sensor is IP66, weatherproof PIR Smart Sensor and acts as a motion sensor and / or a sunset switch. As a 240V powered, 3 wire sensors, these can easily replace existing sensors.

Switching between the 4 smart operating modes is achieved using the PIXIE Apps, on wall multifunction controls and even voice control* when enabled in the home. And with PIXIE PLUS sophisticated home automation scenarios using sensors as triggers are a breeze.

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More Backyard Cabana Smart Home Moments

Smart Home Room Inspirations | Backyard Cabana | Smart power control


Keeping your pool pump’s energy consumption under control is a sensible energy management strategy for home. PIXIE smart power points, when mounted in an IP rated enclosure provide scheduled control of each socket and the ability to see how much power has been consumed by your pool pump in the last 24 hours too

PIXIE smart home control |Backyard Cabana | Smart Home Room Inspirations

Opening Roof Pergola Control

Your opening roof pergola elevates the atmosphere of your backyard cabana. Creating an ideal space to unwind with friends or seek moments of serenity amidst its louvered walls and flexible opening ceiling. PIXIE blind and signal controllers provides you fine tuned control of these one by one, or altogether from a single button press.

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Room by Room.

The PIXIE smart modules offer you the freedom of choice.

PIXIE Plus Bluetooth mesh smart home system australia

Design Freedom

PIXIE fits into just about every wall plate available in Australia today. No need to sacrifice your desired aesthetics to elevate your home to a smart home.


Control Freedom

You are free to select the exact number and types of smart devices per room, without comprising on simple, sophisticated control capabilities