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Smart Home Products

Control everything that dims, switches and spins – inside and out.

Explore the complete PIXIE smart home range of products and accessories. Start small and scale up when you’re ready and transform your whole home with the PIXIE smart home ecosystem.

PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel

The PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel is a premium addition to the PIXIE solution that elevates the smart home experience. With a full colour 5.5inch display, delivering clarity and brilliance in any light, this is the perfect addition to larger PIXIE smart homes for a centralised, whole home control panel.


DC Ceiling Fan Control with Hunter Pacific Fans

With up to 9 speed fan control, light colour and intensity from Australia’s best ceiling fan company, Hunter Pacific International. PIXIE delivers the simplest way to experience sophisticated whole-home control of your ceiling fans.

Smart home products - dimmers, switches, timers - PIXIE Smart home

Dimmers, Switches, Timers

Smart modules for everything that dims and switches in your home giving you control to fine tune your home to enhance your lifestyle the way you live and save energy, everyday, automatically.

PIXIE smart home multifunction switches - Smart home products Australia

Multi Function Controllers

Giving you the freedom to add more control points for  lighting, appliances, fans and blinds. MIMIC mode delivers multiway way control of PIXIE devices and scene control from anywhere in your home.

Australiam smart home products - Smart double power point - PIXIE smart home

Smart Double Power Point

PIXIE double power points easily swap with your current GPO’s and give you total control of anything you choose to plug in.  Schedule appliance operation, remotely control and manage power use.

You Are Free to Choose
How PIXIE Fits In your Home

PIXIE smart dimmers, switches, timers and multifunction modules fit right into the PIXIE Ambience (and other’s) wall plates for direct mounting and control, right on the wall.

PIXIE smart modules also fit in to a huge range of Australian faceplates from other manufacturers.

Fully customise device type and quantity

PIXIE smart modules can be configured in 1-gang up to 6-gang configurations with any combination of dimmers, switches, scene controllers and timers needed. PIXIE delivers the ultimate smart home flexibility in control and design for each location in your home.

PIXIE Smart home switch plates and wall plates - Australian smart home products - PIXIE
Blind and curtain controller - Smart home products - PIXIE Smart home system

PIXIE Smart PIR Sensor Indoor Ceiling Mount

Delivers indoor safety, security and savings with a traditional 3-wire, 360°, surface mount and flush mount,  motion sensor with PE sensing capabilities, with 24 hour 7 days scheduling of any of the 3 Smart Operating Modes

Smart home garage door controller - Australian smart home products

Garage Controller

Picture this. Its winter, its dark and you’re pulling into your street. “Hey SIRI, I’m home”, with that single command your garage door opens, outdoor lights turn on and a pathway is lit to your kitchen from the garage. Yes. PIXIE does that.

Smart home LED strip kits - PIXIE smart home products - PIXIE

PIXIE Smart PIR Sensor Outdoor Wall Mount

Delivers outdoor safety, security and savings with a traditional 3-wire, IP66, wall mount,  motion sensor with PE sensing capabilities, with 24 hour 7 days scheduling of any of the 4 Smart Operating Modes.

Blind and curtain controller - Smart home products - PIXIE Smart home system

Blind and Curtain Controller

Introduce a touch of luxury and class with complete control of your automatic roller blinds, curtains, outdoor awnings and shades with PIXIE. Open and close blinds automatically on schedules or with a voice command on demand.

Smart home LED strip kits - PIXIE smart home products - PIXIE

LED Strip Kits & Controllers

A range of LED strip kits for your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms & entertainment spaces. Includes DIY strip kits and PRO LED controllers in RGB (Red Green Blue) and 3 colours of white. With PIXIE built in, modernising your home is simple.

Connected smart home products - PIXIE Gateway - PIXIE smart home

Connected Home Gateway

Your PIXIE Home works great without a gateway – but when you plug this in you’re in control of your home from anywhere in the world and enable voice control of your whole home for your whole family. No fees, hassle free.

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PIXIE Accessories - Increase the IQ of your Smart Home

Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories - PIXIE dry contact interface

Interfacing Module & Mesh Booster

Experience complete home automation. Make your home even smarter with the interfacing module. Integrate your PIXIE home to legacy home automation systems, audio visual systems and security systems.

PIXIE relay controller - Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories

Sensor & Relay Controller

Make your dumb sensors smarter and control devices with larger electrical loads like pool pumps and floodlights. Any 3 wire sensor can now be provided automatic, manual and disabled modes to make your home smarter.

PIXIE accessories - smart timer - smart home accessories

Smart Timer Module

This highly specialised module allows even more energy savings fine tuning and timing for non-timer enabled devices, timing out groups and timing out scenes throughout your smart home, inside and out.

PIXIE Multifunction Remote Control Mech - ideal where getting wiring down a wall is challenging

Remote Control Mech

All the power of a PIXIE Multifunction controller in a battery powered device. Perfect for installation where getting a wire down a wall is a challenge for multiway control and scene control functions.

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