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Garage and Carport

PIXIE Rooms Inspiration.

Smart Garage and Carport Ideas with PIXIE

Integrating your garage and carport as part of  your smart home ensures you experience our innovative smart home technology to its fullest.

With the freedom to customise room by room and the ability to seamlessly integrate into any wall plate design, PIXIE is the perfect choice for making your Australian home smarter.


Modern creature comforts to make life more liveable, everyday.


Once you've lived with them, you'll never live without them again.


Your home is always ready for your arrival and departure, automatically.


Peace of mind with confirmation from your smart home system.


Maximise energy savings, minimise un-needed costs throughout your home.



Picture these Garage and Carport Smart Home Moments

  • Its Winter; Its dark; and its raining. As you approach home with a carful of kids or groceries, or both, your automatic gate opens – well… automatically; you’re driveway lights increase with intensity and a pathway is lit from your garage entry to your kitchen.

Transforming your current home or creating your new home with these capabilities built in is as simple as installing PIXIE throughout your home.

As you drive away in the morning you remember you’ve left the iron on and the garage door open. Dont’ stress. Simply let SIRI know “I’m off to work”, or depend on your morning PIXIE schedule to shut down the house and secure your garage doors.


Imagine Living in Your Future Smart Home

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and car’s console, with replaceable common coin-batteries and 100% compliant with Australian new coin-battery laws, this convenient smart home accessories exemplifies smart home simplicity.

Garage and Carport Security

Receive Push Notifications to Your Mobile Device with the inclusion of the PIXIE door and gate sensor attached to your garage door and gates.

You can now be confident when your doors and gates are opened and closed – and be notified the moment it happens.

Garage and Carport Safety

No more stumbling around in the dark, using PIXIE smart sensors and smart switches is a great one-two combo to maxmise garage and carport safety.

Smart Sensors automatically operate carport /garage lighting (inside and out) when needed most and when combined with PIXIE smart switches and the PIXIE PLUS PROGRAMode’s sophisticated control logic, create different scenarios customised to how you live.

Garage and Carport Savings

Combining PIXIE’s built-in smart technologies (schedules, timers, sensors, programs) and selected products keeps your garage energy efficient and running smoothly even if you’re a little disorganised.

Get Connected. Simple. Smart. Home. PIXIE

Garage Door & Gate Control
Remote Control Button
Power Points

Garage Door & Gate Control

Open Stop Close control of automatic garage doors and gates including mobile device notifications when you doors are open and closed for peace of mind with sensor installed.

Create customised delivery and pets modes for partial opening and automatic closing after a defined time period ( 30 / 60 / 90 secs) and do all of this remotely with the PIXIE Gateway installed too.

Remote Control Button

Unleash the power of your PIXIE Smart Home wherever you need it at home. These Multifunction marvels allow users to experience PIXIE function without a wall plate anywhere its needed.

Mimic mode ( 2-way,...8-way control), Group Mimic Control, Scene Control with Single Tap and Double Tap function are standard features.

Smart Outdoor Weatherproof sensors

The outdoor sensor is IP66, weatherproof PIR Smart Sensor and acts as a motion sensor and / or a sunset switch. As a 240V powered, 3 wire sensors, these can easily replace existing sensors.

Switching between the 4 smart operating modes is achieved using the PIXIE Apps, on wall multifunction controls and even voice control* when enabled in the home. And with PIXIE PLUS sophisticated home automation scenarios using sensors as triggers are a breeze.

Smart Double power points

Simply swap for smarts and make your dumb things smart. Schedules, power moniting, child-lock and individual control of each socket delivers a world of smart home options for outdoor living scenarios.

And with a range of four interchangeable stylish faceplates and tactile on/off buttons with LED indicators and, the super-special multipurpose button in the middle, the humble power point just got a lot smarter.

Smart Timer Switch

PIXIE Smart Timer Switches provide Run-on-Timer capability as well as 24hour 7 day scheduling capability. Run-on Timers can operate anywhere from 1 minute to 24 hours, automatically switching off when the timer expires.

Excellent energy management capabilities built-in makes these perfect for exhaust fans in bathrooms, linen cupboards, walk-in-robes and under stair storage zones.

PIXIE Gateway

The PIXIE Gateway is your foundation of a coonected home. PIXIE doesn't need the Gateway to operate but when you would like voice control and remote (out-of-home) control and monitoring, the gateway is essential.

Advanced programming features, mmore sophisticated scene functions, inetgrations with 3rd party systems like air conditioning and doorbell / intercom systems, distrubted audio systems (SONOS) and more are available with the Gateway installed.

PIXIE works with a wide range of smart home assistant and appliances
PIXIE Smart Home Automation system | Garage and Carport | smart home inspirations

More Garage and Carport Smart Home Moments

Smart home security | Garage and Carport | PIXIE smart home automation system

Simple Security Hack

Using PIXIE Smart GPO (power points) you can schedule when your automatic doors have power, and when they don’t, for the ultimate, simple security hack.

No power means no tech-savvy thief can open your door using RF signals typically used for garage door motor controllers.

PIXIE rooms inspiration | Garage and Carport | Smart energy savings strategies


For PHEV users with a Class 1 charger (uses a standard power point socket), choose a PIXIE smart power point and PIXIE’s Schedules, plan you car charging when your electricity tariffs are the cheapest.

You can even disable the on/off buttons on the device itself to limit who can operate it locally.

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Room by Room.

The PIXIE smart modules offer you the freedom of choice.

PIXIE Plus Bluetooth mesh smart home system australia

Design Freedom

PIXIE fits into just about every wall plate available in Australia today. No need to sacrifice your desired aesthetics to elevate your home to a smart home.


Control Freedom

You are free to select the exact number and types of smart devices per room, without comprising on simple, sophisticated control capabilities