Technical Downloads

PIXIE PLUS Technical Overview

This document distills everything you need to know about PIXIE PLUS into a one page document. Should be read with the Connected Home Concept document below for completeness.

PIXIE Connected Home Concept

This document explains the relationship between the PIXIE Bluetooth® Mesh devices installed in yout home, the PIXIE Gateway and how these systems connect to Voice Assistants to deliver a connected home.

PIXIE Smart home Solution – Simple. Smart. Home.

This written document explains in details why PIXIE is known as the SIMPLE. SMART. HOME solution more homeowners choose in Australia.

2023 Australian Smart Home Checklist.

The PIXIE Smart Home Checklist is a simple tool to help you prioritise which parts of your home you are going to automate and what’s needed to achieve the best smart home outcome for you.

Product Datasheets & Installation Manuals

Download the PIXIE data sheets needed to provide to your builder and architect or installation manuals for you and your electrician.

Get Your Free PIXIE Smart Home Design.


1. I cannot see my preferred wallplate in your list of compatible wallplates, will PIXIE still work?

PIXIE's modular approach means it will work with any manufacturer's wallplates.

A number of PIXIE devices can be installed as a 'PUCK' - that is installed in the wall cavity, rather than directly into the wallplate.

If you are unsure ask your electrician or email PIXIE support for clarification and confirmation.

2. How do I manually pair a dimmer, switch or timer to a PIXIE multifunction device?

Make sure the load connected is turned off.

Then on the MASTER device, press the button 4 times quickly in less than 2 seconds.

You now have 30 seconds.

Go to the Multifunction device you wish to pair to this master device.

Press the Multifunction button 4 times quickly in less than 2 seconds.

Both devices will flash and pulse and in approx. 5-7 seconds, flashing will stop on both devices. 

Test the operation, if not successful repeat.

3. Can I control the same light/s from more than one location?

Yes, using the PIXIE Multifunction controller it is possible to control 1 light or circuit of lights from multiple locations throughout your home.

4. How do I give access to other family members to the mobile phone Apps?
There are a number of simple ways to do this depedning on the App you are using - PIXIE or PIXIE PLUS.

Visit the PIXIE PLUS youtube channel to watch how to do this.




For the most up to date PIXIE information head to the PIXIE Support page