PIXIE multifunction controller - Unleash the power of PIXIE - PIXIE smart home system

Unleash the power of PIXIE in your home.

These smart modules unleash the power of PIXIE Bluetooth® mesh throughout your home as permanently powered remote controls setup to control any PIXIE device, group or scene in home. The multifunction, multipurpose modules are super simple to install, mounted into your wall plates and always powered and packed full of functionality.

Works with PIXIE smart home master device - Pair with PIXIE - PIXIE smart home system

Works with master devices

As a PIXIE secondary device this can be paired with any PIXIE master device anywhere in your home.

PIXIE smart home mimic mode - Pair with PIXIE - PIXIE smart home system

Mimic mode

Pair it with any master devices or group and it will mimic all functions perfectly, giving you control of everything from anywhere.

PIXIE smart home scene controller - Smart home scene controller - PIXIE smart home system

Scene mode

Recall any room’s scene or control your whole home. Recall scenes wherever you mount the multifunction switch.

Single tap, double Tap Scene controller - Pair with PIXIE - PIXIE smart home system

Single tap. Double tap.

Scene mode delivers you the convenience of 2 different functions based on the number of times you tap the button.

Return of the Rotary Dial for finer control

Using the PIXIE Multifunction Rotary Controller for dimming delivers a finer tune-ability for dimming devices and groups of dimmable devices like down lights and LED strip.

The PIXIE Rotary also delivers up to 6 scenes from a single device and location, eliminating the need for multi-gang plates with unique control-ability in a single device. 

Say hello to your little, smart, friend.

There’s just so much you can do with the PIXIE Multifunction controller to increase the IQ of your smart home.

PIXIE multifunction controllers - Flexible Australian smart home system - PIXIE

Welcome Home. Goodbye.

A single Multifunction at the front door is used to recall your Goodbye Scene when you leave, and your Welcome Home Scene when you arrive back home.

Mimic Mode

Dim your kitchen LED strip kits and living room dimmer as a group from the outdoor patio.

Single tap. Double Tap.

Control 1 socket of your smart double power points with a single tap. Control the other with a double tap. Right from the wallplate at the entrance to your bedroom.

Local and remote dimming

You can still control your dimmer locally and it can be controlled by 1 or more multifunction from anywhere too.

Power Point Control

Pair your Multifunction to control 1 or both sockets on the PIXIE smart double power point.

PIXIE 2 way control - PIXIE smart home 3 way control - PIXIE multifunction controller

2-way, 3-way...8-way multiway control

Control the same light/s from multiple locations with ease. Simple wiring and Bluetooth® Mesh makes previously difficult and expensive multiway wiring, now cheap and easy.

PIXIE smart home dimmer - Extra dimming spot - PIXIE multifunction controller

That extra dimming spot you always wanted.

Always wanted another dimming location for your living room lights but everyone told you it couldn’t be done or would cost a fortune? Not any more.

Multifunction controller fits in with PIXIE smart dimmers, switches, timers.

Fits in with dimmers, switches, timers.

Mix and match PIXIE dimmers, switches and timers with your multifunction devices, creating the most flexible smart home control panels, where you want them.

No batteries needed - PIXIE smart home multifunction controller

No batteries needed.

A Bluetooth® remote control is the best way to think about the multifunction switches – only it’s powered from your home, not by batteries.

PIXIE double tap scene controller - Flexible smart home scene controller - PIXIE smart home

Try double tap only.

When setup to operate in Scene Mode, the Multifunction switches provide a single tap and double tap functionality. Using a double-tap-only to recall a scene, hides special functions or actions from prying fingers without the insider knowledge.

Smart home welcome home scene - Smart home goodbye scenes - PIXIE multifunction controller

Welcome home. Goodbye.

The ultimate smart home function delivered with a single multifunction switch at the front door. On your way out, double tap to recall your Goodbye Scene and shut down your home. Later when returning home, a single click activates your Welcome Home scene, turns on common lights and open your blinds – as just one example.

PIXIE flexible smart home scene controller - Home owner can change setup and control with PIXIE smart home Apps

Changed your mind?

Lived with it and don’t love how it works anymore? Great! PIXIE multifunction switches can be re-purposed from the PIXIE Plus App at any time in the future, simply by homeowners.

PIXIE multifunction controllers - Simple smart home wiring - PIXIE smart home system

Simple wiring.

Electricians love Multifunction switches. Using existing wiring, PIXIE is reto-fitted into existing wall plates with just an active and a neutral and can control any PIXIE device, group or scene anywhere in the home.


PIXIE Multifunction Rotary Controller

  • Pair with dimmers and dimmed groups for intuitive control
  • Up to 6 paired scenes possible from a single device
  • Controls individual devices, groups and scenes
  • LED feedback through dial for interactive user experience
  • Standard Mimic mode, Scene mode for single devices
  • Single tap and double tap function
  • Manual pairing capable
  • Bluetooth® Mesh device
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Active and neutral connection only needed.
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician


PIXIE wiring diagram - PIXIE smart home multifunction switch

PIXIE Multifunction Switches/ Controller

  • Fits in most Australian wall plates including PIXIE Ambience
  • Comes with 3 common button caps
  • Mimic mode
  • Scene mode
  • Single tap and double tap function
  • Manual pairing capable
  • Bluetooth® Mesh device
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Active and neutral connection only needed.
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician


PIXIE Accessories - Increase the IQ of your Smart Home

Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories - PIXIE dry contact interface

Interfacing Module & Mesh Booster

Experience complete home automation. Make your home even smarter with the interfacing module. Integrate your PIXIE home to legacy home automation systems, audio visual systems and security systems.

PIXIE relay controller - Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories

Sensor & Relay Controller

Make your dumb sensors smarter and control devices with larger electrical loads like pool pumps and floodlights. Any 3 wire sensor can now be provided automatic, manual and disabled modes to make your home smarter.

PIXIE accessories - smart timer - smart home accessories

Smart Timer Module

This highly specialised module allows even more energy savings fine tuning and timing for non-timer enabled devices, timing out groups and timing out scenes throughout your smart home, inside and out.

PIXIE Multifunction Remote Control Mech - ideal where getting wiring down a wall is challenging

Remote Control Mech

All the power of a PIXIE Multifunction controller in a battery powered device. Perfect for installation where getting a wire down a wall is a challenge for multiway control and scene control functions.