PIXIE fits in.

PIXIE fits into wall plates - PIXIE smart home system - Smart home designer look

PIXIE fits in with your decor and design, for every room.

With PIXIE you select the wall plate design that you love most, for individual room styling.

PIXIE Ambience plates make a unique statement

If you’re looking for a something different to meet your design aesthetic, consider PIXIE Ambience, made just for PIXIE.

PIXIE Ambience faceplates fit in to your home.



PIXIE smart dimmers, switches, timers and multifunction modules fit right into the PIXIE Ambience wall plates for direct mounting and control, right on the wall.


Select from three modern colours and finishes (gloss and semi-gloss). You can have up to six smart control buttons on a single faceplate, wherever your home needs a light switch, fan control or scene control.


PIXIE’s smart slim design means Ambience wall plates will cover most existing wall penetrations in renovations and affix to your walls simply and easily for a beautiful, modern and unique finish.

PIXIE smart home designer wall plates - PIXIE smart home system - PIXIE fits in

Mix and Match to meet your style.

Match faceplates to the decor and wall colour in each room with a choice of PIXIE Ambience faceplate and button colours.

For more intuitive local control use the different buttons colours to indicate common button functions on all wall plates – like blind control for example.

PIXIE smart home designer faceplates - PIXIE Ambience faceplates - PIXIE smart home systemn
PIXIE fits it - PIXIE smart home dimmer - PIXIE designer faceplates

Smart dimmer modules

On/Off, Dim up, Dim Down, Schedules, Bluetooth® Mesh.

PIXIE smart home switches - PIXIE fits in - PIXIE smart modules

Smart switching modules

On/Off, 24/7 Schedules, high load, low load variants, Bluetooth® Mesh.

PIXIE Fits in - PIXIE smart modules - PIXIE smart home timer switch

Smart timer switch module

On/Off, 24/7 Schedules, 1min-24hr timers, Bluetooth® Mesh.

PIXIE fits in - PIXIE 2 way light switch - PIXIE smart home modules

Multipurpose module

Mimic PIXIE device control, 2/3way, scene control, Bluetooth® Mesh.

Click. Clack. Snap.

PIXIE Fits In with your decor and design.

PIXIE smart modules are adaptable with a standard mechanism sizing so as to fit  into a selection of wall plates.

Adaptable Smart Modules

PIXIE Fits In to a wide range of wall plate styles available in Australia today.

Rather than limiting home owners to a few rigid styles and designs, or a specific number of dimmers and switches per plate, PIXIE delivers ultimate choice with a simple Click. Clack. Snap. modular approach.

Mix and match dimmers, switches, timers and scene controllers from 1-gang to 6-gang layouts with the look and feel ideal for you and your home.

PIXIE fits in  - Click.Clack.Snap - PIXIE designer faceplates

1. Click the button cap onto the PIXIE device to match your chosen wall plate design. 3 of the most common button caps provided free inside each box.

PIXIE fits in  - Click.Clack.Snap - PIXIE modules clack into Australian wallplates

2. Clack the module into the corresponding wall plate slots. configure your wall plates how they’ll work best for your home’s layout.

Snap on front cover - PIXIE designer smart home system - Click.Clack.Snap

3. Snap on the matching faceplate once affixed to the wall. Use as many different styles and colours needed to match each room’s individual design & decor.

Overwhelmed by Your Smart Home Choices?

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Non Smart Switches Also Available

Most people make all of their switches smart, but on the rare occasion where you need a simple, non smart switch we have a solution.

Available in both a “Press Mech” and “Momentary Press Mech” version these non smart switches are designed to fit perfectly into the PIXIE Ambience wall plates and replicate the look and feel of the smart modules.

This way home owners can mix and match smart and non smart devices on a single panel, maintaining the aesthetic and user experience.

They also fit into a range of standard wall plates from other vendors and enable a blue LED indicator to be optionally wired for consistency in appearance.

PIXIE fits in ZETR®

ZETR® is a range of refined and integrated power outlets, switches and electrical fixtures that provide minimal impact on architectural finishes.

ZETR® is designed to disappear. 

PIXIE fits in ZETR designer faceplates - PIXIE smart home
PIXIE fits in ZETR - ZETR designer faceplates - PIXIE smart home
Click. Clack. Snap. - PIXIE smart modules fit in ZETR - Smart home
PIXIE works with ZETR - PIXIE designer faceplates - PIXIE smart home system
PIXIE Fits in - ZETR fits PIXIE - Australian smart home designer wall plates

Ultimate design freedom.

Choose the design that’s right for every room in your home with PIXIE’s unique button cap variety and simple modular approach.

Click, Clack, Snap the PIXIE smart modules into your custom designed ZETR® wall plates for a unique look and a simple, smart, home.

PIXIE fits in - PIXIE design and style - ZETR smart home compatible



1 – 6 Buttons

PIXIE fits in - PIXIE design and style - ZETR smart home compatible

Matching Faceplate Finish

PIXIE fits in - PIXIE design and style - ZETR smart home compatible



Flush Mounted

Life is a collection of Moments. Make them smart.

PIXIE Smart Home Moments are application examples of just 10 of the ways PIXIE helps home owners experience a smart home.

Who knows?

Maybe you'll discover some smart ways to increase the IQ of your home with PIXIE!