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Modern Bathrooms

PIXIE Rooms Inspiration.

Smart Modern Bathrooms Ideas with PIXIE

Modern bathrooms are both luxurious and full of smart home technology to deliver an enhanced lifestyle and save energy automatically.

PIXIE is your gateway to a smarter Aussie home. Effortlessly upgrade your home’s intelligence with this customisable smart home system.


Modern creature comforts to make life more liveable, everyday.


Once you've lived with them, you'll never live without them again.


Your home is always ready for your arrival and departure, automatically.


Peace of mind with confirmation from your smart home system.


Maximise energy savings, minimise un-needed costs throughout your home.


Picture these Modern Bathrooms Smart Home Moments

  • Heated towel rails  provide the comfort of always warm and always dry towels with the knowledge that your in control of energy use. Using the PIXIE Smart Timer Switch, create schedules and run-on-timers to fine tune your desired balance between your energy savings and comfort.  
smart dimmer |Modern Bathrooms| home automation

Select the Perfect Light with Layered Lighting

Wall lights, LED strip, downlights, pendants all dimmed with PIXIE smart dimmers provides the right light at the right time for the task at hand. And with colour tunable LED strip kits, you can even simulate what your outift and makeup will look like outside, in the office or in the club.


Imagine Living in Your Future Smart Home

  • Your exhaust fan run on timer is a crucial smart module to remove steam from your shower and mirror, with auto-off after your timer expires. And with reduced moisture levels comes reduced probability of mould and bacteria levels. Good, regular ventilation prevents the growth of mould. Using PIXIE makes this automatic, very day.
Indoor Sensor Flush

Sensor Linked Under Vanity LED Strip

Under vanity LED strips controlled by smart sensors ensure you alway have light in your modern bathroom. With PIXIE’s smart sensors you can choose when these operate, link them to dim the LED strip depending on the time of day and day of week and just walk in knowing PIXIE will light your way automatically.

Smart home ideas | Modern Bathrooms | home automation

Modern Bathrooms Safety

A trip to the bathroom at night should be as safe as the bathroom itself. Placing PIXIE senors in both bathrooms and hallways, delivers the smart home promise of the right light at the right time, automatically day and night.

Modern Bathrooms

Modern Bathrooms Savings

A simple PIXIE smart timer switch  controls, exhaust fans, lights, towel rails. Combining smart timers and schedules in a singular device provides the ultimate energy saving capabilities.

Indoor Sensors
Power Points
Tunable LED Strip

Indoor Motion Sensor

These indoor PIR Smart Sensor act as a motion sensor and activate the connected load on motion and off when no motion . As a 240V powered, 3 wire sensors, these can easily replace existing sensors.

Switching between the 3 smart operating modes is achieved using the PIXIE Apps, on wall multifunction controls and even voice control* when enabled in the home.

Smart Double power points

Simply swap for smarts and make your dumb things smart. Schedules, power moniting, child-lock and individual control of each socket delivers a world of smart home options for outdoor living scenarios.

And with a range of four interchangeable stylish faceplates and tactile on/off buttons with LED indicators and, the super-special multipurpose button in the middle, the humble power point just got a lot smarter.

smart switches, dimmers, timers

The PIXIE smart dimmer modules create the foundation of your smart home system with simple wiring and mobile App control, coupled with simple 2-wire installation and exceptional dimming performance.

Bluetooth mesh enabled and scheduling, groups, scenes all part of the core functionality, these device don't need internet to operate and create their own mesh network for always on operation, no matter the state of your internet or home network.

Smart Timer Switches

PIXIE Smart Timer Switches provide Run-on-Timer capability as well as 24hour 7 day scheduling capability. Run-on Timers can operate anywhere from 1 minute to 24 hours, automatically switching off when the timer expires.

Excellent energy management capabilities built-in makes these perfect for exhaust fans in bathrooms, linen cupboards, walk-in-robes and under stair storage zones.

Dual Relay Controller - Larger Load Switching

Larger loads like Outdoor Strip Heaters need a higher rated relay - either to switch directly or to switch a contactor - which in trun switches the heaters.

Your electricians will cherish the extra flexibility this device delivers them, and you, when controlling outdoor living appliances you're seeking to make smart simply.

Tunable LED Strip

These colour tunable, high CRI90 (quality of light) LED , dotless strips help you choose the right colour for the eight time of day.

Available in 2m and 5m kits with everything needed to plug and play colour tunable LED strips - no electrician needed. A full featured PIXIE Master device with schedules, groups and scenes.

PIXIE Smart home sensors | Modern Bathrooms | Home automation inspirations

More Modern Bathrooms Smart Home Moments

Smart Home Room Inspirations | Modern Bathrooms | Smart power control

Heat Lamp Energy Saver

Heat lamps are a massive energy consumer and your PIXIE smart home helps you maxmimse comfort and minimise energy consumption. Using the PIXIE dual relay controller with a larger load rating for pwoerful heat lamps delivers immediate control and 24 hour 7 day scheduling of your heat lamps

PIXIE smart home control |Modern Bathrooms | Smart Home Room Inspirations

Turn Bathroom Appliances off

Leaving curling wands, hair dryers, toohbrush chargers and shavers plugged in consume energy when in stand mode and not i use and leave the potential for electrical fault. PIXIE smart power points schedule these devices off and allow you to check they really are off, from anywhere in the world.

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Room by Room.

The PIXIE smart modules offer you the freedom of choice.

PIXIE Plus Bluetooth mesh smart home system australia

Design Freedom

PIXIE fits into just about every wall plate available in Australia today. No need to sacrifice your desired aesthetics to elevate your home to a smart home.


Control Freedom

You are free to select the exact number and types of smart devices per room, without comprising on simple, sophisticated control capabilities