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Walk In Robes

PIXIE Rooms Inspiration.

Smart Walk In Robes Ideas with PIXIE

Making your walk in robes smart is effortless with PIXIE creating a luxury smart home experience whilst saving energy and adapting into the way you live every day.

Immerse your Aussie home in the wonders of PIXIE. Experience its remarkable versatility as it effortlessly transforms each room, seamlessly melding into almost any wall plate design. Embrace a whole new level of intelligence as PIXIE elevates your home to absolute perfection.


Modern creature comforts to make life more liveable, everyday.


Once you've lived with them, you'll never live without them again.


Your home is always ready for your arrival and departure, automatically.


Peace of mind with confirmation from your smart home system.


Maximise energy savings, minimise un-needed costs throughout your home.


Picture these Walk In Robes Smart Home Moments

  • Layering lighting in your walk-in robes, and making all light sources dimmable using PIXIE dimmers and LED strip controllers means you can always select the right light levels. With the ability to choose one or more different light sources on at different dimmed levels depending on what you’re up to and your state of mind. PIXIE delivers a flexible approach to make your home work best for you. This is achieved automatically and you can fine tune at will as it pleases you too, no special skills needed!


Imagine Living in Your Future Smart Home

  • Once you’ve layered your lighting and introduced PIXIE smart indoor motion sensors to your walk-in robes, you can customise which lights come on and what levels, on which specific days at specific times. Some days only your LED strips come on, whilst other times your overhead lighting and your LED strips are both activated,  with each at a unique dimmed level. With PIXIE you choose precisely how this works for your smart home with the knowledge that once your gone, your lights are off too.
Smart home ideas | Walk In Robes | home automation

Walk In Robes Safety

Your walk-in robe skylight is modern approach to natural light and ventilation and using PIXIE Blind and Signal controllers for automatic skylkight oepration, to make sure the shade is drawn and the skylight is closed in the event of stormy weather, keeps you hone and your clothes safe,

Smart home ideasWalk In Robes | home automation

Walk In Robes Security

Keep your visible wall clean of ‘control clutter’, or ‘wall acne’ associated with smart homes, often sees devices like PIXIE Touch panels installed in Walk-in robes. And with PIXIE working with DaHua Intercom systems, your walk-in robe is the perfect place to see who’s out front with one way video and 2 way voice control and access control built in.

Walk In Robes

Walk In Robes Savings

Yes you can use sensors and timers and schedules with PIXIE to control your WIR (walk-in robe) lighting and appliances. A simple, single PIXIE multifunction switch at your master bedroom suite entry also provides a MASTER SUITE ALL OFF SCENE, which includes your ensuite, main suite lighting and WIR, to really squeeze your energy savings, simply.

LED Strip Controller
Indoor Sensors
Blind Controller
Multifunction Controllers
Pixie Touch Panel


PIXIE's dedicated LED Strip dDimmer is capable of controlling (dimming) single colour LED Strip from most manufacturers with optimal performance for 12V and 2V LED Strip types.

Group these together in the PIXIE Apps to have long LED strip run act a one cohesive length, even if they are electrically separated, whilst maintaining independent control and smooth, deep, flicker free LED Strip dimming.

Smart Timer Switches

PIXIE Smart Timer Switches provide Run-on-Timer capability as well as 24hour 7 day scheduling capability. Run-on Timers can operate anywhere from 1 minute to 24 hours, automatically switching off when the timer expires.

Excellent energy management capabilities built-in makes these perfect for exhaust fans in bathrooms, linen cupboards, walk-in-robes and under stair storage zones.

Indoor Motion Sensor

These indoor PIR Smart Sensor act as a motion sensor and activate the connected load on motion and off when no motion . As a 240V powered, 3 wire sensors, these can easily replace existing sensors.

Switching between the 3 smart operating modes is achieved using the PIXIE Apps, on wall multifunction controls and even voice control* when enabled in the home.

smart switches, dimmers, timers

The PIXIE smart dimmer modules create the foundation of your smart home system with simple wiring and mobile App control, coupled with simple 2-wire installation and exceptional dimming performance.

Bluetooth mesh enabled and scheduling, groups, scenes all part of the core functionality, these device don't need internet to operate and create their own mesh network for always on operation, no matter the state of your internet or home network.

control blinds, awnings, curtains, skylights, windows and more

The PIXIE Blind, curtain and awning controller works with the widest range of motorised shading appliances available in Australia today, with full OPEN STOP CLOSE functionality.

Suitable for 3 wire and 4 wire systems, smart schedules and on wall control. Add the PIXIE gateway for full voice control of every blind, curtain, awning and skylight.

Multifunction Controllers

Unleash the power of your PIXIE Smart Home wherever you need it at home,These Multifunction marvels allow users to experience PIXIE function from a wall plate anywhere its needed.

Mimic mode ( 2-way,...8-way control), Group Mimic Control, Scene Control with Single Tap and Double Tap function are standard features on all PLUS specific control capabilities are automatically enabled when paired with special PIXIE de vices too - no programming needed.

Pixie Touch Panel

The optional PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel delivers a butter-smooth touch screen experience to control your PIXIE smart home from one or more centralised locations.

In addition to the useable touch screen, the 4 Multifunction control buttons deliver rapid access to control common devices, groups or scenes and can be tailored according to home owner’s needs for the ultimate smart home convenience.

PIXIE Smart home savings | Walk In Robes | Home automation inspirations

More Walk In Robes Smart Home Moments

Smart Home Room Inspirations | Walk In Robes | SONOS Compatible with PIXIE

Music to Dress to

PIXIE is compatible with SONOS, and creating a unique SONOS zone in your walk-in robe gives you full transport control of your queued music and podcasts on SPOTIFY, Apple Music and more via your PIXIE and SONOS integration. You can even install a PIXIE rotary dial for on wall control of your tunes.

PIXIE smart home timer control |Walk In Robes | Smart Home Room Inspirations

Save energy without sensors

Not a fan of sensors but still want energy savings? Using PIXIE smart timer switches you have access to both run-on timers (27mins after activation, turn off) and schedules (at 9am turn off) so that lights are never left on and your scheduled energy sweeps turn off your WIR lighting automatically too.

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Room by Room.

The PIXIE smart modules offer you the freedom of choice.

PIXIE Plus Bluetooth mesh smart home system australia

Design Freedom

PIXIE fits into just about every wall plate available in Australia today. No need to sacrifice your desired aesthetics to elevate your home to a smart home.


Control Freedom

You are free to select the exact number and types of smart devices per room, without comprising on simple, sophisticated control capabilities