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Connected Home.

Simple. Smart. Secure. 

Bluetooth mesh smart home system - PIXIE smart home

Bluetooth® Mesh Technology Made Simple

Mesh networks like PIXIE become stronger and more reliable with each device added to your network of PIXIE smart devices.

There’s no need to be an I.T. expert and means you can connect from anywhere in your home and control everywhere and everything, reliably and securely. 

PIXIE Plus Bluetooth mesh smart home system australia

The more PIXIE devices in your home the better your smart home works.

Start small with one or two devices but you are free to add more when you’re ready to PIXIEFY your entire home for the complete smart home experience.

Because PIXIE uses standard wiring practices, simply swap for smarts.

Smart home dimmer and timer - Australian smart home system - PIXIE

Dimmer & timer switch

Smart home multifunction switch - PIXIE smart home - Simple smart home system

Multi purpose switch

smart power point - PIXIE smart system -  Australian connected home

Double power point

Connected home LED strips - Australian connected home system - PIXIE

White & RGB Coloured LED strip

Connected home blind control - PIXIE smart home

Blind, Curtain, Awning controller

Smart home garage door controller - Connected smart home - PIXIE

Garage controller

PIXIE Connected home concept - Australian connected home system - PIXIE

There’s No Need to be an I.T. Expert.

This infographic explains the relationship between the PIXIE Bluetooth® Mesh devices installed in your home, the PIXIE Gateway and how the PIXIE devices and the PIXIE Gateway connect to a range of Voice Assistants – and each other – to deliver your connected home experience, simply.

The PIXIE Gateway is your bridge to a truly connected home.

Your PIXIE home works great without the PIXIE Gateway using Bluetooth® Mesh technology with complete control of all smart devices,  schedules, timers and PIXIE App control.

When you’d like voice control and out-of-home control capability simply plug-in and connect a PIXIE Gateway to your home’s Wifi or modem with an ethernet cable.

Thats it. You’re Connected.

PIXIE Gateway - Connected Home - Australian smart home system
Australian connected home PIXIE gateway - IOT smart home gateway - PIXIE

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Security in the palm of your hand.

Maximum peace of mind with the ability to authorise new users and decide what parts of your home they can control, or not.  

Out of home control

Disable out of home control in an instant and reduce sibling squabbles by only giving them control of what you deem fit, all from the PIXIE Plus App.

Your Music and Podcasts Made Easy

Whether you install a SONOS™ distributed audio system throughout your home or own just a single SONOS™ speaker, PIXIE makes it easy to integrate your tunes with your lifestyle.

And by linking your Spotify™ account to your SONOS™ setup, your PIXIE smart home delivers on the promise of an enhanced lifestyle, simply.

The Hub of Your Home.


The PIXIE PLUS App works with iPad and most Samsung tablets in landscape mode.

Horizontally mount your iPad or Samsung tablet onto a common wall in your home’s hub to enhance your lifestyle.

Sometimes you need a bigger screen and a central location for fast and simple control for everyone in the home.

Or you might perfer the native PIXIE Touch Panel – with PIXIE this choice is yours.

Hands free or hands on

Arriving home in your car and activating your “Welcome Home” scene from your Apple Watch keeps your hands on the wheel and you and your family safe without sacrificing smart home control capabilities.

With PIXIE and Apple Watch™ your garage door opens, a pathway is lit from your garage to your kitchen, automatically.

If your phone is out of reach, use your Apple Watch™ PIXIE App to navigate your scenes to set the mood just in the living room – or transform your whole home.

Connected home convenience - PIXIE smart home system

Enjoy - Convenience at your fingertips.

The PIXIE PLUS App shortcuts give you quick access to your smart home favourites, wherever you are. And each user can customise the favourites that suit them best.

Energy efficient connected home - Australian connected home system - PIXIE

Experience - a Safer, More Energy Efficient Home.

Create, edit and activate the schedules your home needs to enhance your lifestyle and save on energy bills.

Your’re in control with PIXIE.

Australian connected home choice - Tune your smart connected home - PIXIE

Live - With the Freedom of Choice.

Its your home, fine tune it to suit you. 

The PIXIE PLUS App lets you choose what to control and what to name it, now and anytime in the future as your family grows and your needs change.

Connected home transforms your home into a smart home - PIXIE

Transform - Your Home to Match Your Mood.

Your home reflects your mood, always, with PIXIE.

Simple App control,  voice commands and automatic scheduling of your favourite scenes and moods.

Connected home security - Secure smart home system - PIXIE connected home

Feel - Secure in Your Family Home.

You’re in charge of who has control, or not.

Limit who has control of what, when – whether they’re at home or not.

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Works with PIXIE // Powered by PIXIE

Keeping your smart home simple to use without being an I.T expert and uncomplicated for your electrician to get working reliably is where PIXIE really outshines.

Our approach is to make your other complimentary and adjacent in-home systems from other equipment vendors just work with PIXIE, simply

PIXIE Works With all of your favourite smart home assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and SIRI shortcuts and ...

No complicated 'system commissioning' , technicians with computers or daily 'tweaking' and attention needed. PIXIE simply works.