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Home Gym

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Smart Home Gym Ideas with PIXIE

Your home gym is your place to work hard so you don’t want your smart home system to be hard work to create the ideal environment to get your best work out. That’s why you choose PIXIE.

Upgrade your Aussie home effortlessly with PIXIE. Customise every room seamlessly, integrating into almost any wall plate design, and elevate your home’s intelligence.


Modern creature comforts to make life more liveable, everyday.


Once you've lived with them, you'll never live without them again.


Your home is always ready for your arrival and departure, automatically.


Peace of mind with confirmation from your smart home system.


Maximise energy savings, minimise un-needed costs throughout your home.


Picture these Home Gym Smart Home Moments

  • Set your perfect light levels, temperature and music for your workout all through PIXIE and all from a single button press. With PIXIE’s integration with SONOS distributed audio systems, Mitsubishi Electric’s air con systems and Hunter Pacific Ceiling fans, there’s nothing standing in your way of an ideal workout.
smart ceiling fan control |Home Gym| home automation

Cool down and speed up automatically

Your smart PIXIE ceiling fans are the most energy efficient type being DC ceiling fans. Setting a target speed and time out period keeps you cool and can speed up automatically as your workout heats up.


Imagine Living in Your Future Smart Home

  • Picture this … you’re working hard on the assault bike, and during a rest period for your HIIT you ask Google Home or Alexa or even SIRI to turn on additional fans so you can keep your cool and reach your target distance and calorie burn without burning up! PIXIE’s voice control capabilities has you covered.
Sonos control | Home Gym | Pixie smart home

One button press for more breeze

Whilst on your cycle trainer during a punishing sprint cycle you need just a little more fresh air. No problem, using PIXIE’s remote control button, open your louvered windows or skylights automatically.

Smart home ideas | Home Gym | home automation

Home Gym Safety

The gym can be a dangerous place and using PIXIE sensors to automate lighting when your training or just passing through keeps you upright and ready for your next session, injury free.

Smart home ideasHome Gym | home automation

Home Gym Security

If your home gym is in your garage, using the PIXIE garage door and gate controller means you get notifications to your phone when the door opens and closes and provides smart home control to open the door when things heat up in the gym too!

Home Gym

Home Gym Savings

With control of lighting, ceiling fans, floor and wall mounted fans, and even your air conditoning, your home gym can use a lot of energy, or not. PIXIE manages timers and schedules – after all the most energy efficient devices are the ones turned off.

Indoor Sensors
Remote Button
Power Points
Blind Controller
Ceiling Fans
Garage Door & Gate Control

Indoor Motion Sensor

These indoor PIR Smart Sensor act as a motion sensor and activate the connected load on motion and off when no motion . As a 240V powered, 3 wire sensors, these can easily replace existing sensors.

Switching between the 3 smart operating modes is achieved using the PIXIE Apps, on wall multifunction controls and even voice control* when enabled in the home.

Remote Control Button

Unleash the power of your PIXIE Smart Home wherever you need it at home. These Multifunction marvels allow users to experience PIXIE function without a wall plate anywhere its needed.

Mimic mode ( 2-way,...8-way control), Group Mimic Control, Scene Control with Single Tap and Double Tap function are standard features.

Smart Double power points

Simply swap for smarts and make your dumb things smart. Schedules, power moniting, child-lock and individual control of each socket delivers a world of smart home options for outdoor living scenarios.

And with a range of four interchangeable stylish faceplates and tactile on/off buttons with LED indicators and, the super-special multipurpose button in the middle, the humble power point just got a lot smarter.

control blinds, awnings, curtains, skylights, windows and more

The PIXIE Blind, curtain and awning controller works with the widest range of motorised shading appliances available in Australia today, with full OPEN STOP CLOSE functionality.

Suitable for 3 wire and 4 wire systems, smart schedules and on wall control. Add the PIXIE gateway for full voice control of every blind, curtain, awning and skylight.


With up to 9 speed fan control, light colour and intensity on light enabled models,from Australia’s best ceiling fan company, Hunter Pacific International. PIXIE delivers the simplest way to experience sophisticated whole-home control of your smart ceiling fans.

Bi-directional control (for summer and winter), scheduling, timing and even voice control of one or more or all ceiling fans in your home. And unique to PIXIE Multiway-Fan-Control - the ability to install multipe on-wall controllers wherever you want to control one or more fans from.

smart switches, dimmers, timers

The PIXIE smart dimmer modules create the foundation of your smart home system with simple wiring and mobile App control, coupled with simple 2-wire installation and exceptional dimming performance.

Bluetooth mesh enabled and scheduling, groups, scenes all part of the core functionality, these device don't need internet to operate and create their own mesh network for always on operation, no matter the state of your internet or home network.

Garage Door & Gate Control

Open Stop Close control of automatic garage doors and gates including mobile device notifications when you doors are open and closed for peace of mind with sensor installed.

Create customised delivery and pets modes for partial opening and automatic closing after a defined time period ( 30 / 60 / 90 secs) and do all of this remotely with the PIXIE Gateway installed too.

PIXIE Smart home scenes | Home Gym | Home automation inspirations

More Home Gym Smart Home Moments

Smart Home Room Inspirations | Home Gym | Smart power control

Prepare for your workout

Hot day? On your way home for a workout? PIXIE PLUS provides remote access to your home. You choose whether you want to simply select a scene which presets all your lights, fans and aircon settings in your home gym, or if you fine tune each setting specifically for today., from anywhere

PIXIE smart home control |Home Gym | Smart Home Room Inspirations

better lighting for home gyms

Lighting is critical in your home gym and can impact your biology and you ability to get the best from yourself. Using LED strip lighting is an ideal way to avoid staring directly up at downlights during press exercises and when you use PIXIE’s colour tunable LED Strips, you can select the best white colour to energise your biology too.

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Room by Room.

The PIXIE smart modules offer you the freedom of choice.

PIXIE Plus Bluetooth mesh smart home system australia

Design Freedom

PIXIE fits into just about every wall plate available in Australia today. No need to sacrifice your desired aesthetics to elevate your home to a smart home.


Control Freedom

You are free to select the exact number and types of smart devices per room, without comprising on simple, sophisticated control capabilities