Your garage door, just smarter.

Controlling a huge range of Garage Doors in Australia, using the PIXIE PLUS App, (or Apple Watch) is the smartest decision you can make to increase your comfort, convenience and security at home.

Once you’ve upgraded to smart Garage Door control, you’ll never want to live without it again.

Hands Free Garage Opening

PIXIE works with Apple Watch for the easiest hands free Garage Door Control ever.

You can also control your Garage Door with your PIXIE App, a remote control, your voice or a button on the wall.

A special setting for a special friend or delivery.

Open your garage door just enough for your best friend to access easily with a preset ‘Pet Mode’.

Or activate the “Delivery Scene” to lift your garage door open just enough, and have it automatically close again in a minute.

Control Your Gates Too.

PIXIE integrates with licence plate recognition cameras so your gate opens when you arrive home automatically – but denies access to non approved cars.

Compatible  & Capable

The PIXIE garage door controller works with a range of common Australian garage door motors from most manufacturers.

Simple installation and the ability to open, stop and close as many doors as you need, from anywhere.

And best of all you’ll save money because you can buy a less expensive (non-smart) motor and control it all from the single PIXIE app – instead of having yet another app just for your garage door.

Garage Door Protector

Disable your garage door during the day or when you’re on holiday so criminals with RF scanners intent on breaking into your home through
your garage cannot open it – only you can.

By scheduling when your garage door has power using the PIXIE Smart Power-points, and with the flexibility to manually activate and deactivate power securely from your PIXIE Apps, you’ve just made your family even safer, simply.


PIXIE Automatic garage door control.

  • 2 x output relays for dry contact interfacing
  • Suitable for garage door controllers which accept a ‘key-switch’ input.
  • Works with panel doors, roller doors and automatic sliding /folding gates.
  • Works best with garage door motors which use Open Stop Close logic. (OSC)
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician


Single line image - PIXIE power point - PIXIE smart home system

PIXIE smart double power point

  • Double power point 10Amp maximum load
  • Optional, interchangeable cover plates and caps available, designed to suit popular plate styles.
  • Each socket can be controlled and scheduled individually
  • Child lock for each socket
  • Daily power monitoring for each socket
  • The Middle button is a PIXIE multifunction control button. It can be paired with any PIXIE master device to achieve multiway control, or to configured to control a group or a scene
    with the PIXIE or PIXIE Plus app.
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician


PIXIE Accessories - Increase the IQ of your Smart Home

Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories - PIXIE dry contact interface

Interfacing Module & Mesh Booster

Experience complete home automation. Make your home even smarter with the interfacing module. Integrate your PIXIE home to legacy home automation systems, audio visual systems and security systems.

PIXIE relay controller - Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories

Sensor & Relay Controller

Make your dumb sensors smarter and control devices with larger electrical loads like pool pumps and floodlights. Any 3 wire sensor can now be provided automatic, manual and disabled modes to make your home smarter.

PIXIE accessories - smart timer - smart home accessories

Smart Timer Module

This highly specialised module allows even more energy savings fine tuning and timing for non-timer enabled devices, timing out groups and timing out scenes throughout your smart home, inside and out.

PIXIE Multifunction Remote Control Mech - ideal where getting wiring down a wall is challenging

Remote Control Mech

All the power of a PIXIE Multifunction controller in a battery powered device. Perfect for installation where getting a wire down a wall is a challenge for multiway control and scene control functions.

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