PIXIE LED Strip Light Kits

LED your imagination run wild.

LED Strip Lighting with dot-less continuous uniform illumination, smooth, deep-dimming capabilities,  highlights and accents your home’s architecture and delivers functionality other lighting sources cannot accommodate.  As part of the PIXIE Bluetooth® mesh ecosystem, these LED Strip Kits allow you to light your unique home in a unique way with outstanding dimming performance.

Tunable White

Fully dimmable and colour tunable from 2700k ( warm white) to 6500k (Cool white) for ultimate control and flexibility for moods and tasks.


Low voltage safe plug and play kits can be plugged in and operate immediately by anyone –  in fully dimmable Red Green and Blue too.

2 and 5 metre kits

Choose the right length for the application. Use PIXIE’s smart grouping and scene functions to create the perfect mood.

LED Strip Dimmers

For LED Strip runs requiring more power, PIXIE’s professional LED Strip Dimmers provide control of most LED Strips from most manufacturers.

Full dimming control with PIXIE’s powerful multifunction switches.

In addition to voice control*, app control and automatic schedules – you can control your LED Strip kits dimming levels individually or grouped together right from the wall too.

On / Off / Dim / Select colour

* voice control requires PIXIE Gateway and PIXIE Plus app

Create a cinematic glow for your TV.

Make the most of your home.

Your kitchen is more than just a place you prepare food.

PIXIE dimmable LED Strip kits keep your kitchen cookin’ long after meal times.

Brighten your bedrooms

Transform bedrooms from a peaceful place to rest to a play centre with a splash of colour, instantly, with a simple voice command.


 PIXIE Dimmable LED Strip Kits

  • Latest Gen3 PIXIE Master Product
  • Fully dimmable with smooth, deep-dimming, flicker free operation
  • Plug and play DIY, DC24volt (Gen3) LED strip kits.
  • 1) COB CCT (white colour tuning and dimming intensity)
  • – Dot-less continuous uniform illumination
  • – Tunable colour temperature, 2700K-6500K
  • – CRI 90 Colour rendering
  • 2) COB RGB ( red green blue tuning and intensity)
  • – Includes driver and strip controller – everything needed for immediate operation.
  • Dimmable – controlled by PIXIE or PIXIE PLUS Apps, multifunction switches, voice commands when PIXIE Gateway installed.
  • 6 watts per metre (w/pm)
  • Dimming memory function, high performance, stable, even light output
  • Recommend to be installed within an aluminium channel or aluminium flat bar for longevity.
  • If using multifunction switches, these must be installed by a licensed electrician


PIXIE Pro LED Strip Dimmers

  • Fully dimmable with smooth, deep-dimming
  • 12V and 24V LED strip dimming from each LED Strip Dimmer
  • LED Strip Dimmer only no power supply or LED strip included
  • High powered LED Strip controllers for single colour and RGB
  • Please review data sheets on PIXIE Partners technical website for more information: Single colour Pro controller | RGB Pro controller 
  • Must be installed by a licensed electrician


PIXIE Accessories - Increase the IQ of your Smart Home

Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories - PIXIE dry contact interface

Interfacing Module & Mesh Booster

Experience complete home automation. Make your home even smarter with the interfacing module. Integrate your PIXIE home to legacy home automation systems, audio visual systems and security systems.

PIXIE relay controller - Increase the IQ of your smart home - PIXIE smart home accessories

Sensor & Relay Controller

Make your dumb sensors smarter and control devices with larger electrical loads like pool pumps and floodlights. Any 3 wire sensor can now be provided automatic, manual and disabled modes to make your home smarter.

PIXIE accessories - smart timer - smart home accessories

Smart Timer Module

This highly specialised module allows even more energy savings fine tuning and timing for non-timer enabled devices, timing out groups and timing out scenes throughout your smart home, inside and out.

PIXIE Multifunction Remote Control Mech - ideal where getting wiring down a wall is challenging

Remote Control Mech

All the power of a PIXIE Multifunction controller in a battery powered device. Perfect for installation where getting a wire down a wall is a challenge for multiway control and scene control functions.

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