PIXIE Accessories

Raise the IQ of your smart home.

Enhance your smart home experience further with the PIXIE accessories range. More Bluetooth® Mesh devices for greater convenience, fine tuned control and integration with other systems in your home.

Bluetooth mesh booster extends PIXIE range outdoors and in larger homes for stronger signalling and improved performance in some homes.


Using the interface module connect your security system and your PIXIE smart home together. Turn on all the  lights when the alarm goes off and shut the house down when the alarm is armed.


Recall scenes and automatically have them timeout under certain circustances to save energy or change up the mood after a pre-determined time.


Control larger electrical loads like pool pumps and gain access to simple scheduling, and out of home control and monitoring


The interfacing module allows other systems like professional audio visual systems take control of your PIXIE smart home too.


Sensor control customisation. Decide how and when your 3rd party, 3 wire movement sensors operate with 3 modes – automatic, manual, disabled.

Remote Control Mech

All the power of a PIXIE Multifunction controller in a battery powered device. Perfect for installation where getting a wire down a wall is a challenge for multiway control and scene control functions.



Battery powered Bluetooth remote control for PIXIE with MIMIC mode and Single-Tap & Double-Tap Scene recal functions.


Fits into most Australian wall plates and can be installed alongside mains powered devices or stand alone remote mounting.


Compliant to new Australia Coin Battery Legislation to keep you safe.


Replaceable battery with standard coin batteries

Interfacing Module & Gen3 Booster

Experience complete home automation. Make your home even smarter with the interfacing module. Integrate your PIXIE home to legacy home automation systems, audio visual systems and security systems.


Ideal for receiving input signals from other systems in your home for control of your PIXIE home from those systems.


Easily integrate PIXIE with legacy home automation systems like CBUS®, Dynalite®, KNX®, Control4® – if you have these systems already installed.


Connect your smart home to your security system, your AV systems and other systems with dry-contact output capability.


Recommended Bluetooth Mesh boosters when signal boosting is required in challenging radio environments.

Sensor & Relay Controller

Make your dumb sensors smarter and control devices with larger electrical loads like pool pumps and floodlights. Any 3 wire sensor can now be provided automatic, manual and disbaled modes to make your home smarter.


Control larger electrical loads up to 6Amps with two outputs at 6Amp each.


Make your existing light motion sensor smarter with auto, manual and disabled modes. Activate these modes automatically with schedules or manually from your App or any wall plate in your home.

Smart Timer Module

This highly specialised module allows even more energy savings fine tuning and timing for non-timer enabled devices, timing out groups and timing out scenes throughout your smart home, inside and out.


Fine tune your energy savings by adding timing functionality to scenes or non timer-enabled devices.


Module is installed in most Australia wall plates to provide timer activation of any device, group or scene wherever you need it.

Multiway Switch

Renovating and got a long hallway or staircase with light switches at each end for controlling the lights? This PIXIE multiway switch keeps this control unchanged with nothing new to learn AND and adds a whole lot of smarts to your home too.


Perfect for exisiting homes with 2-way or 3-way ‘straps’ already in place.


Mix and match with dimmers, switches and timers as module fits in most Australian wall plates and operates with PIXIE Master dimmers and switches.

Life is a collection of Moments. Make them smart.

PIXIE Smart Home Moments are application examples of just 10 of the ways PIXIE helps home owners experience a smart home.

Who knows?

Maybe you'll discover some smart ways to increase the IQ of your home with PIXIE!