What is World Pineapple Day?

Celebrate World Pineapple Day on June 27th by indulging in the sweet and tangy goodness of this tropical fruit. Dive into the world of pineapples and enjoy them in various forms, from fresh slices to juicy drinks to the classic pineapple upside-down cake. Who knew hospitality and friendship could taste so delicious?

Why We Celebrate it at PIXIE?

Pineapples conjures images of resort-style living, families working together in kitchens preparing for celebrations to come, and a healthy care free lifestyle complete with comfort and convenience. We’ve shared some inspirational smart home ideas to help you make the most of both World Pineapple Day and your PIXIE powered smart home , below.

Outdoor Living is an integral part of Australian lifestyles, and PIXIE can elevate your outdoor living experience with our innovative smart home technology.
As the heart of your smart home a modern kitchen often becomes the control centre for your whole home and open plan living too. With PIXIE this is simple
Backyard Cabanas are all the rage today in Australia and with good reason. Resort style living at home deserves the creature comforts a PIXIE smart home delivers.

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