Transform Your Home with PIXIE Touch Panel Value Kits

The Most Cost Effective Way to Elevate Your Smart Home Experience with PIXIE

Discover the great value of the PIXIE Touch Panel and Gateway combined into exclusive value kits tailored for your smart home needs.


The gateway to advanced home connectivity, enabling seamless accessibiity to remote access, voice control and 3rd party integration.


An intuitive touch interface that enhances control over your entire smart home ecosystem. Mount one or more for always accessible control surfaces.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Maximise your investment with our specially priced kits that combine these two essential products and combine them with core smart modules for greater savings.

Core Product Details


The cornerstone of your connected smart home, allowing seamless connectivity and control wherever in the world you are.

Wired & wireless connectivity installation options

Remote access & control with member access limits

No need to be an I.T expert to setup and operate

Experience voice control with your chosen voice assistants


Revolutionise home management with a sleek touch panel that commands all PIXIE devices and integrates with Intercom and Air Conditioning systems too*

Full colour, butter-smooth touch panel

Customisable home page widgets & hardware buttons

Reduce wall acne and on-wall button clutter

Unique, Sleek Design

Explore Our Value Kits

PIXIE Gateway & Touch Panel

Core kits include the Gateway and Touch Panel, the foundation for an integrated smart home system. Experience an elevated smart home experience for the best price.

PIXIE Dimmers and Switches

Enhance your lighting control with PIXIE dimmers and switches, included in two kits for maximum functionality, cost effectivley.


Multifunction Controllers

Unleash the power of PIXIE right from the wall with multiway control of devices and groups and single / double-tap scene recall functionality anywhere at home.

Value Kit A - STP54BTAS/KITA

This kit “A” has the following items:

1 x PIXIE Touch Panel – STP54BTAS
1 x PIXIE Gen 3 Gateway – SGW3BTAM

Value Kit B - STP54BTAS/KITB

This kit “B” has the following items:

1 x PIXIE Touch Panel – STP54BTAS
1 x PIXIE Gen 3 Gateway – SGW3BTAM
5 x PIXIE G3 Dimmer – SDD300BTAM
5 x PIXIE G3 Switch – SWL600BTAM

Value Kit C - STP54BTAS/KITC

This kit “C” has the following items:

1 x PIXIE Touch Panel – STP54BTAS
1 x PIXIE Gen 3 Gateway – SGW3BTAM
5 x PIXIE G3 Dimmer – SDD300BTAM
5 x PIXIE G3 Switch – SWL600BTAM
4 x PIXIE G3 Multifunction – SMF/BTAS

PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel.

Elevate Your Smart Home Experience.

The PIXIE Ambience Touch Panel is a premium addition to the PIXIE solution that elevates the smart home experience.

It takes just a few minutes to get the PIXIE Touch Panel connected to your PIXIE  Gateway and configured to meet your needs.

No laptops needed.

PIXIE multifunction controllers - Flexible Australian smart home system - PIXIE

Butter Smooth Touch Panel

Featuring a 5.5 inch full colour touch screen for central control of your PIXIE smart home.



Customisable home page layout and per Touch Panel setup to match the mounting location control needs.



Light level and proximity sensor for improved Touch Panel interactivity and performance.


Multifunction Buttons

Four PIXIE Multifunction buttons built-in for configuring quick access to regularly used devices, groups and scenes.


Stylish Ambience Faceplate

Made to match the PIXIE Ambience range of faceplate, this unique, modern styling delivers an on-wall future-feel.

Download the Desktop version (Hi-res)

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Simply upload your house plans to unlock the full potential of your home with our PIXIE Touch Panel value kits. Experience seamless integration and cost-effective smart home solutions tailored for Australian homes.

PIXIE work with more | PIXIE Touch Panel Value Kits| Smart home integration made easy

Works with PIXIE // Powered by PIXIE

Keeping your smart home simple to use without being an I.T expert and uncomplicated for your electrician to get working reliably is where PIXIE really outshines.

Our approach is to make your other complimentary and adjacent in-home systems from other equipment vendors just work with PIXIE, simply

PIXIE Works With all of your favourite smart home assistants like Google Home, Amazon Alexa and SIRI shortcuts and ...

No complicated 'system commissioning' , technicians with computers or daily 'tweaking' and attention needed. PIXIE simply works.