A smart light dimmer switch like the PIXIE smart dimmer replaces existing light switches and dimmers, fitting directly into your existing wall plate and providing mobile device control of those lights once installed. This smart light dimmer does not need any hub to provide a simple swap to a smart dimmer switch.

As the PIXIE smart dimmer switch is specifically designed for Australian wiring conditions, it fits into a huge range of wall plates available today in Australia.

Of course the PIXIE smart dimmer switch provides dimming capability only to lights which are compatible and able to be dimmed, so you would need to review the installation manual for compatibility with your lights.

The PIXIE SDD300BTAM works with most LED down lights and more legacy light sources like tungsten and halogen lights that are rated as dimming too.


Simple Smart Dimmer Switch Operation

As a push button smart dimmer switch operation is simple to learn:

For simple on/off operation

  • Press – dimmer turns attached lights on, fading them over 2 seconds
  • Press again – dimmer fads to off over 2 seconds


For dimming operation

  • Press and Hold the button – slowly dim the lights up
  • Press and Hold the button – slowly dim the lights down


What to look for in an Australian Smart Light Dimmer Switch

A smart light switch and smart dimmer switch as found in the PIXIE range of smart home products provides the home owner a familiar on-wall button to press as well as the ability to control the connected lights from their mobile devices.

This means the smart dimmer switches can use the existing wiring to control the attached compatible lights, and then provide more modern control capabilities using a mobile phone, tablet and even voice control.

These devices communicate to each other throughout the home without any need for a WiFi connection, so home owners can control any connected smart light switch from anywhere in their home no matter the state of the internet or Wi-Fi in the home. With the addition of a plug in gateway, control can expand to out of home control too.

PIXIE smart dimmer switches also don’t need a neutral to operate and this can be very useful for older homes that may not have been electrically wired this way when they were built. This means there is no need to have additional wiring installed, simply swap the old dumb switch for a new smart dimmer switch for full dimming operation.

As these smart dimmers are modular a home owner can choose how many to install in each wall plate based on their preference for control from 1 to 6 smart devices. This modular approach helps home owners achieve what they want without being hobbled by set plate designs and layouts.

What other features do smart light switches provide?

Smart light switches and smart dimmers also provide a range of other features, bringing even more smart home capabilities when installed. Home owners can choose to use the devices from the wall and control from their mobile devices.

Imagine for a moment your home had multiple smart light dimmer switches installed in place of your existing dimmers and switches, some for inside lighting and some for outside lighting.

As these smart lights switches have extra capabilities its now possible to realise some advanced smart home functionality, some of which requires and app and some which don’t need any mobile app intervention to operate out-of-the-box.

Scheduling – App needed
Each PIXIE smart device can have multiple schedules created so they automatically turn off and dim on to any set level when you require. These schedules are created in the PIXIE App and the quickly transferred to the device to operate day in day out. This is both a very useful and very powerful smart home feature for safety, security, and convenience.

Double Tap for Max – no App needed
First PIXIE smart dimmer switches provide a fast way to get to the maximum level. If the dimmer is set to a low level and you need to got to the maximum level, simply double tap the push button. The dimmer will immediately got to maximum level.

Memory Dimmer – no App needed
When the PIXIE smart dimmer is turned off, it remembers the dimmed level it was at. When next operated on, the dimmer will automatically return to that previous level. Is that level too l ow for you now? No problem, simply double tap the button as explained above for maximum output.

Set Minimum Level – no App needed
Sometimes you may like to or need to not allow your lights to be dimmed below a certain level, ever. Simply dim to the desired lowest level and press the PIXIE smart dimmer switch button 5 times in 2-3 seconds. The dimmer will now never dim below that level.

Change LED indicator Colour – App needed
With both Blue and Orange LED indicators to show current state and operation, home owners have the ability to select their preference. This can be useful when using many smart dimmers on a single wall plate as a colour-reminder of which button controls what.

Create Control Groups – App needed
Picture an open living design with a kitchen, living room and dining room. Each of these individual space is using a smart dimmer switch to control the lights. Its also possible to GROUP these 3 different dimmers together into a control group and then dim all areas up and down together to set the perfect mood. This group can also be scheduled to dim to a specific level at a specific time for the ultimate convenience.

Create Scenes and Moods – App needed
When you create a scene you are setting a mood for one area or your whole home from a single press.

Using the PIXIE App, its possible to set each smart dimmer switch to a different pre-determined level, and then with a single press recall that scene to transform the impacted spaces in the home.

These scenes can be recalled from the PIXIE App or by installing a PIXIE multifunction controller on the wall as the scene button.

Change connected lights colour – no App needed but can also be controlled from the App
This function only works with a specific down light manufactured by SAL in Australia.

When using these down lights and the PIXIE SDD300BTAM smart dimmer, pressing the dimmer button 3 times will select a different colour. Don’t like the current colour?- Simply press the smart dimmer 3 times quickly to select the next colour.

The down light part number is S9842CS (Tri GEM) and comes with built in warm white, cool white and daylight capabilities. Note this is not an RGB downlight and only has 3 types of white available.

The best time to install smart dimmer switch is when you re upgrading your old lights to new LED lights. And with the ability with PIXIE to simply swap for smarts, there are very few barriers inhibiting most people to enjoy the benefits of smart lights switches today.

Even if you are not upgrading or you already have downlights and want to have smart control, then simply swap the dumb switch to a smart dimmer switch like the the PIXIE SDD300BTAM

Just be sure that you existing lights can be dimmed by the smart light dimmer switch you choose.