Smart Home Lighting

A few years ago, if someone told you that you could control your home’s lighting with only your voice or presence, you may have been sceptical or dismissed it as being a far-fetched reality. However, the technology is already here with us and it’s certainly here to stay.

Smart homes have become a common entry in today’s property market, and smart lighting is one of the most integral features of a smart home. It’s 2022, and there are hundreds of smart home automation options available in the market currently, and sometimes it can get confusing for decision makers and homeowners.

In this blog, we are going to demystify the concept of smart lighting and discuss some of the benefits and options for smart lighting that you can consider for your home.

What is Smart Lighting?

The popularity of smart lighting is evident with the fast growth of the market. The smart lighting market is projected to grow to a staggering $105.2 Billion by 2023, up from a meagre $8.68 Billion in 2018 according to Statista. Many people usually think that smart lighting is the bulbs alone, but that’s not the case. Smart lighting works almost similarly to other smart home devices.

Smart lighting systems are innovative smart home features that allow you to operate your home’s lighting using smart devices such as a smartphone. The system allows you to take full control of your lighting with features such as adjusting the colour temperature of individual light fixtures or completely changing their colour. You can also schedule when the light can turn on and off automatically or even activate lights when you are away on holiday so that it looks like someone is home.

You can control lights in separate rooms, especially when the kids leave their lights on using a simple command. Most smart home systems are integrated for use with Android and iOS devices. The systems either use wireless transmissions to send and receive signals. Some rely on Wi-Fi and connect directly to your router which lets you control them remotely as long as you have an internet connection. Others use Bluetooth to allow you to control the systems.

PIXIE uses the revolutionary Bluetooth® Mesh to connect your home’s smart devices. This means that there is no need for extra wiring or an internet/Wi-Fi connection needed. The great thing about PIXIE is that it comes with a complete suite of Bluetooth Mesh smart home products, meaning that you can control just about anything in your home. From the lights to blinds, garage doors, gates, fans and appliances, you have complete control in your hands.

Now that we are familiar with the concept of smart lighting, let’s dive into some benefits of smart lighting.

The Benefits of Smart Lighting

Apart from giving your home an amazing and unique aesthetic feel, smart lighting also offers great benefits for you and your property.

1. Helps Improve Your Sleep

As crazy as it might sound, smart lighting can significantly improve your night’s rest. How is this possible? You might ask. Well, the human brain is particularly sensitive to light and this plays a huge role in our sleep cycles. When it’s dark for an extended duration, our brain automatically tells us we are tired and we need to get some rest. On the other hand, when there is a bright light, our brain tells us that it is time to get up.

Smart lighting can help you ease out of bed in the morning by simulating the sun rising and even sleep better by fading slowly off at night. A great feature of smart lighting is that you can sync your alarms with the system and this allows it to effectively wake you up and even get you rested on time.

2. Increased Convenience

As we have mentioned, smart lighting supports and works seamlessly with other smart home features such as voice assistants. You can pair your smart lighting with platforms such as Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa and control your lights hands-free with just your voice. You can schedule everything and even set your home to meet your mood.

3. Helps Save Energy

Apart from being highly energy efficient, smart lighting can allow you to create automatic timers and schedule on and off times to increase your savings. This means that you can avoid the high bills that come when you or the kids forget to turn off the lights in certain rooms.

4. Total Control

Smart lighting offers you complete control over your home’s lighting system. This means that you have a wide range of options from changing colours to setting the lighting in specific rooms and even setting auto on when they detect your presence. You can control and turn on your lights when you are on holiday to make it look like someone is home and fend off any would-be burglars.

5. Raises Your Home’s Value

For property developers in Australia and around the world, having smart home features is becoming an essential inclusion for developments. Smart lighting is one of the features that attract customers and provide value beyond just the four walls. Including smart lighting in your home helps increase the value of your home when you decide to sell it.

Smart Lighting Options

As we highlighted earlier, it is increasingly confusing for homeowners when it comes to picking a home lighting system because of the sheer number of them and the variety available in the market today. However, there are too many choices but very little thought about what outcome a homeowner is hoping to achieve. You can choose between installing smart bulbs or smart modules.

If you would like to have a smart lighting system set up in your home and yet you’re uncertain which system to choose, we would be glad to help.

Which is The Best System for You?

For individuals who are just dipping their toes into the world of smart homes, you will probably want an option that is the most hassle-free. The good news is that PIXIE has you covered with simple wiring that saves you time and money. PIXIE is created to work perfectly with Australian wiring practices, saving you time and money. PIXIE is also compatible with the widest range of wall plates so you can swap your existing light switches for PIXIE smart wall switches.

Choose a System with Scale and Functionality

The ability of the system that you choose will greatly influence the outcome in your home. There are important questions that you need to answer before settling for a system such as:

  • Will your system be able to cope as you add more smart devices to it without compromising its performance?
  • Will your system allow you to integrate your lights and other smart devices and enable them to work seamlessly?

These are some of the places where the PIXIE smart system excels. It allows you to make your entire home a smart home and not just the lights. You can control everything from the convenience of the PIXIE Plus App, available on both android and iOS. You can also integrate this with your voice assistant platforms.

More control means that your home is smarter because more devices communicate and there is increased automation throughout the home. You can start with the PIXIE smart dimmer in one of your rooms and then simply add more devices in other rooms when you want more control. We are certain that once you experience the convenience and comfort, you will want your entire home connected.


Smart lighting gives you control over your home’s lighting in ways that were only perceived as set aside for the rich. You can control your lighting in multiple ways such as voice commands, smartphone apps, smart switches, or even a smart home touch panel. Choosing the best smart lighting system might seem tough with the variety available in the market currently.

However, PIXIE is a wiser smart home solution choice for Australian homeowners seeking cost-effective, reliable and sophisticated smart home solutions. With some of the most innovative technology available in the current market, you can’t go wrong with PIXIE. No matter the size of your home and the number of lighting fixtures, we have a solution for all of your needs.

You can get in touch with us and start the journey to making your property a smart home. You can upload your home floor plans and get your free PIXIE smart home design. If you are in Australia, and you are wondering where to buy, you can check that out here.